Colour Management Workflow Integration

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Colour Management Integration

End to end Colour management integration solution for Digital and Offset Print Houses, Content Producers , Graphics and Advertising Agencies

Integrating Colour Management to existing workflow is a time consuming process that requires understanding of each and every client’s unique way of working, their expectations, quality and standard of available physical and human resources and the vision of the client.

Integrating the newly designed and developed steps to existing workflow requires patience, lots of training and constant troubleshooting as the problems arise. Emotional problems that arise due to new workflow, the learning curve and challenging quality control parameters have to be understood and be dealt with.

Education on colour and the principles of colour management has to be delivered to the employees in the form of workshops for the developed workflow to truly become a part of the overall production process.

We deliver our colour management integration solutions to clients in three stages

Pre Implementation Stage

This is the diagnosing and planning stage, we discuss the perceived requirements and problems with the client, client’s staff, examine the production facility, the arrangement of it, lighting, consumables, the equipment and access the human skills before going to the planning stage.

With all the data in our hand we make a set of proposals and make our recommendations

Implementation Stage

Design and development: Design and development of protocols, modifying available protocols, creating checklists,  are all addressed here.

Education: We custom design and conduct a series of workshops to give your staff members a solid working knowledge on colour and colour management. During these sessions the required theoretical knowledge as well as the hands on skills that are required to operate and troubleshoot the newly developed workflow are provided to staff members.

Preliminary Implementation: This is where we tweak everything and start the test driving stage. We do this at your production house with your staff. We modify your viewing spaces, fix the lighting, calibrate your displays, start the protocol driven internal workflow and start using the job accepting and handing over protocols and checklists.

Implementation: The new workflow, after being test driven and the staff familiarization is done, is fully integrated to the daily workflow of your production house. We standby you during this stage to address issues that could arise when your clients interact with your staff.

Post Implementation Stage

Post Implementation Support: An IME Staff member will provided weekly support for a period of four weeks after the implementation stage.

Post Implementation Review: IME will gather data during the said visits and provide a detailed report containing tangible differences achieved by carrying out the project.

If you wish to secure our services to implement state of the art colour management steps to your workflow please contact us via email or phone.