Printer/ Paper Profiling

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Printer Profiling for Papers


Printer profiling for papers using industry standard x-rite devices.

Every paper has it’s own shade of white, opacity, ink absorbing capacity and ability to reflect a certain amount of light. When cyan, magenta, yellow or black ink hits those papers the resultant sensation created on the human eye, even under the same lighting condition, differ from paper to paper and from ink to ink.

For papers made by printer manufacturers and for a few other types of papers the interaction between the papers themselves and specific inks have been measured and made into profiles we can use.

However, there are many papers that are quite good and less expensive than the big name papers. There are a few ink manufactures who produce high quality inks that can compete with the original printer manufacturer inks. All these need properly created profiles.

In the world of Offset Printing, Prepress contract proof needs to be printed with properly profiled ink paper combinations for it to even have a chance of matching the press output that it tries to mimic.

We provide printer profiling services for all sorts of print houses irrespective of whether they are digital or offset. This service is of course included as a part of end to end colour management integration solution we provide.

Once the profile for the paper is created our staff will install and demonstrate how to use the created profileĀ  this service also includes.