Gallery Lighting Design

Gallery Lighting Design

Are you a painter, photographer, a sculptor or a gallery owner who wishes to provide your audience with a complete visual experience?  We will make that happen!

We will assess your display environment as well as the type of art you display and create a total immersive experience for your viewers.

Creating this experience include getting light sources with required colour temperatures and optimum colour rendering indices, taking various measurements and optimising even and proper directional illumination as well as controlling the internal environment to ensure a consistent experience for your audience irrespective of the time of the day or daylight changes.

If you are a gallery owner who wants to create or design an international class gallery, we can work with your interior designers and help you to create your entire space, viewing zones, surrounding colours and framing for your art in addition to illumination.

Combined with our fine-art printing services, we can help you to create an environment that makes the art shine!